Trekking through the tea plantations

Best known for its beautiful landscaped tea plantations and awesome climate Munnar is a paradise to visit once in a lifetime. With its soothing greenery and fresh mountain air it is a relaxation for all who want a break from their mundane routines.

As residents of Munnar we fully take advantage of the various natural amenities available. One among them is trekking through the tea plantations. Every morning a 5 kms walk through the tea plantations is something one should not miss. The morning fresh cool breeze, first rays of the sun and the fresh smell of the dew covered flora is something which should be experienced rather than just read.

Most of the Resorts in Munnar are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the town surrounded by lush greenery and tea plantations. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views and trekking. Many tourists come to Munnar to specifically enjoy the trekking through the mountainous trails and plantations trails.

Camelot Resort which is situated 11 kms away from Munnar town is a 17 acre property surrounded by coffee and tea plantations. It has its own trails through the property to the view point and echo point (inside the property). The guests at Camelot have an advantage of enjoying the trekking inside the property as well as the 5 kms trekking through the tea plantations. They can watch the tea pluckers in action, pose a photograph with them or plucking the tender leaves and listen to the birds chirping away to glory.

Trekking is such a wonderful experience. It soothes your senses, exercises your body and relaxes your mind. Trekking through the tea plantations is a beautiful experience as there is no pollution in any form, the only sounds that you can hear is the birds chirping, tea pluckers in action if in vicinity and the gentle hub of the breeze.

Come to Munnar, come to Camelot Resort to enjoy a marvelous trek through the forests and the tea plantations. You will feel rejuvenated once you are back to your place, we assure you.

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