Sighting herd of elephants in Letchmi Estate, Munnar

It happens rarely to watch a herd of seven elephants (3 cubs and 4 she elephants) happily roaming around inside the tea plantations. When one of our staff informed that he heard the grunting sound of an elephant we took it for granted and thought that it might be somewhere out of sight from our Resort. But we were pretty surprised when we sighted the first elephant inside the tea plantations on the hill opposite to our Resort. Behind the leader there came a herd of six more and we were excited. Camelot Resort is situated on one of the highest peaks in Munnar, hence watching the full herd in action inside the tea plantations which is at a lower altitude was not only fun but mesmerizing. as it was in the afternoon, none of our guests were there to enjoy the moment as they had gone out for sightseeing in Munnar. All our staff and us were enthralled in the marvel of the Nature. Wild Elephants are such a wonderful animal to watch from a distance. Especially when the cubs are around, the entire herd becomes very protective. The locals say that elephants are much more protective than Human Beings. Of course they should have understood the presence of humans in the vicinity watching their antics and that was the reason behind their regular signals, warning us to keep away from their territory of the moment. And we were more than happy to have an ample distance between our muse and us and just enjoy the creation. We watched in awe when a mischievous cub playfully hit its mother with its trunk and and the mother spanking her naughty cub with her trunk. Another duo were busy trunk fighting and yet another were happy eating, while one was keeping intent watch – may be us. She was the one who send the signals at regular intervals.
Our group was busy clicking photographs and just watching. We didn’t even realize that we had been watching the herd for little more than two hours, before the herd slowly moved farther away from our sight into the thick forests inside the tea plantations.
Most of the hotels and resorts in Munnar have an advantage of being surrounded by Mother Nature. At Camelot Resort Munnar the main advantage is that it is situated on a hill, surrounded by Tea gardens on two sides, coffee plantations on one side and lush green forest on one side. Our guests enjoy trekking inside the 17 acre property and also a 5 kms trek through the tea and coffee plantations.
Every year wild elephants can be seen in many places in Munnar, couple of times. But it is quiet rare to find a herd of seven moving through the tea plantations.
As long as we don’t pose a threat to these animals, they will never harm us. Live and let live – that should be our policy.

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