Camelot helps you utilise the various opportunities of activities that Munnar offers. There are ampleopportunities for tenting, strolling, trekking, nature walks, safaris, fishing, and paragliding in and around Camelot, Munnar.

Echo and nature tour

Trekking in Munnar is a magnificent experience. A tramp through the shola-grasslands of Munnar to the dark evergreen forestlands of the coveted Periyar Tiger reserve, abode of tigers and Asiatic elephants, and Eravikulam National Park, where Nilgiri Tahrs proudly strolls through, reaching over 7000 ft during the course on the hilly forest paths with streams crisscrossing you will definitely change the purpose of your life to a newly found excellence.


Trekking through the TATA tea estates is another beautiful experience in your stay in Camelot. A stroll through miles and miles of unending plantations planted with Assam variety of tea with the special aroma takes freshness to a whole new another level. Watching dew drops on tea leaves shining like diamonds glittering in yellow sunlight is a view that no one will forget.The tea bushes are planted 1 meter to 1.5 meters apart and pruned to a height of about 5 feet. Common shade trees, like Erythrina, Gliricidia, and Silver oak can also be seen amidst the tea plants. These are planted in order to protect the tea from intense heat and light.

The tea estates also have beautiful scenic views including small ponds, watercourses, highs, lows, steeps and dozens of fauna pertaining to tea estates.




A summer visit to Munnar will be incomplete without a campfire with your loved ones. With the starlit sky, the dancing flames of the campfire, and the innocent chatters of your children there to light your night, a campfire brings your closeness to a newer reality. The foods, the songs, and the discussions happening is the best souvenir you can take home with you, when you go back to your life.